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Smashing egg-art

Smashing egg-art - Nico art piece
I first saw this on Pinterest from “Growing a Jeweled Rose”, I headed over to the site and I knew right away that we had to do it cause Nico would love it!

Christmas Critter Caroling 2016

Photo for Christmas caroling

ASCI-Nico creates a new job

Helping Animal Everywhere!

Faux stained glass paper dinosaur ornaments (Part 2)

Faux stained glass paper dinosaur ornaments

Crystallized glow in the dark dinosaur ornaments (Part 1)

Crystalized glow in the dark dinosaur ornaments

Little Passports Black Friday sale!

One-ingredient cinnamon roll donuts

One-ingredient cinnamon roll donuts
It all started when I got the recipe for Cinnamon roll cake pops, a guest post from A Night Owl on I Heart Naptime, in my inbox. I don’t have the mold to make the pops but I have a mini donut maker! Alex got a tube and we got baking, Nico came in to help.

12 Months of Sensory Dough – Oobleck

This month’s dough for Lemon Lime Adventures’ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” is oobleck. For the uninitiated, some call it oobleck, some call it goop, some a beautiful sensory activity, but call it what you want, it is one of the simplest “doughs” you will be able to find, but it is the add-ons that give it distinction. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to make our own, so this is why we have taken a look around to see, which different options you have to use the oobleck and make it even more fun :)

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing

Fizzy dough color mixing & printing by Glittering Muffins
I saw a corn starch dough on Paging Fun Mums and somehow it sparked the idea to replace the corn starch with baking soda. In June it was fizzy dough for Lemon Lime Adventures‘ “12 Months of Sensory Dough” series, but I was nowhere near having the time nor inspired. Now I had the time and I was inspired, so we went for it! Nico was excited as usual, when I told him it was fizzy dough :) I had tried a batch the day before with no color or anything, just to see the ratio needed, turns out unlike Paging Fun Mums I had a ratio of 5:1 baking soda to conditioner.

Spray bottle dino print shirts

Spray bottle dino print shirts
(Aug. 16, 2014) Nico’s birthday was coming up and we always do a birthday shirt for him, normally it’s an iron on image and a surprise for him the morning of his party/birthday. This year I wanted to do something different, we have tons of freezer paper we got in the US when we lived in Quebec but only used it once in over a year of having it, so I wanted to use that. Nico had asked to do more of the faux-tie-dye shirts we made 2 years ago, he loved spraying the paint. So I put the 2 together and Nico to work and we made some shirts! I knew he wouldn’t want to stop after 1 so I figured we could make some for his little friends coming to his party (lucky me there was only 3!).

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt

Hand & toy print Canada flag t-shirt - by Glittering Muffins

My memory book of the year (free printable)

My Memory Book of the Year - By Glittering Muffins

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