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Of glitter and muffins

“Glittering Muffins” is a blog dedicated to the world of arts, crafts and food between my beautiful son Nico and myself, Valerie, stay-at-home mom and wrangler of a very, very active and energetic toddler that keeps me on my toes. My hubby Alex also joins in on the weekends, when we have bigger projects and need an extra set of hands.

If you wonder about the name of the blog, do not worry, we will not show you odd clashes between the crafts and food world, but they express two of the big passions of Nico, crafts with glitter and muffins of any kind (well, technically any kind of cooking, he can whip up some amazing pretend muffins, stews and cakes or also raid our pantry and bring you every can and ingredient you might need to make a soup or spaghetti sauce).

This blog will tell the story of our adventures into the different things you can make without needing a big budget or huge instructions, but just some creativity, imagination and a bunch of items you are likely to find around your house anyways. (1764)

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