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Meet the family!

Meet the family

Photo taken on May 22, 2011.

Since I’ve been told that it is not polite to blurb in public, here is our story:

My name is Valerie, mother of a very, very active and energetic two-year-old named Nico, living in Quebec, Canada, also known as “La Belle Province”, and while always having been very crafty, Nico has given this a completely different spin, giving me a new perspective on things and what you can do without having to resort to expensive ingredients or to rely on the big stores (Man, I miss “Michaels”!).

I grew up in Quebec before packing up all of my things and moving to Calgary with my mom, where I kind of met my future husband Alex (via the internet, no, not a dating site or anything, it’s a long story) in Germany. I moved to deepest Bavaria for two and a half years, to a place where I did not speak the language, never had been and to move in with a guy that I had met in person for two weeks, so talk about an adventure!

In 2005, we moved (back) to Canada (Calgary) again, and in 2008, were blessed with the birth of Nico and (so far) ending up with our 2010 move to Quebec, I just wanted to go home, where the good food is! Several blogs rekindled my passion for crafting and to see that Nico responded so well to it, especially if it involved glitter, glitter and some more glitter, that I explored more of the blogs and found so much inspiration that you now read these words on “Glittering Muffins”.

I hope that you will be able to find as much inspiration here as I found myself and that you can use some of the ideas to do yourself, with and for your kids and maybe put your own spin on it.

Nico is not your average 2-year old, he had his terrible twos at 14 months, he is learning English and French at the same time (plus he speaks fluent Niconese), he is baking and cooking, not just pretend, but even in reality, if he wasn’t so darn short, he would cook you a soup or spaghetti sauce in a heartbeat, he loves to do crafts (when he is in the mood, if not…don’t even ask) and he sometimes is too bright for his own good, trying to figure out how everything works instead of just playing with things, he loves horses and animals overall (now if only I was not so allergic to anything with hair…). Other than that he loves Mickey Mouse, his pet plush turtle Splish (which his daddy got for his birth), snow, shoveling snow, all kinds of vegetables, pizza, soup (ok, let’s just say he likes food), cutting things with knives or scissors (supervised, obviously) and squirrels.

My hubby Alex is originally German and unfortunately is largely craft-impaired, he came up with the title of our blog, though, and helped with the setup, so at least he’s good for something ;) He also is taking most of the photos (which is why you don’t see much of him) and from time to time he will also post about some of the activities that he’s been a part of. He also will act as my editor for posts, technical troubleshooter and mess around with the WordPress behind-the-scenes stuff. Other than spending time with Nico and I, he enjoys Heavy Metal, writing reviews about it, football (the European kind, the one here in North America he calls “handegg”) and trying out new twists on food.

Update July 2013: Nico is almost 4 years old now and he has grown up sooo much. He still loves to bake and cook, has gotten very difficult with what he wants to eat, has discovered a gigantic love with the emergency services (no matter if firemen, police or EMS), adores “Wild Kratts”, “Rescue Heroes” and “Curious George” and has an attitude that needs its own postal code sometimes. Other things have changed, too, because since May of this year we are back in Calgary again :) (22179)

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