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Baked play dough ornaments

Since the plan was to have Nico do (or at least help us with) all ornaments for this year’s Christmas tree, we had looked at modeling clay to do some of them and it worked out ok, but we found that it was very sticky and when it came down to details (such as thinner parts) it was not very easy to handle and chances were that it would have broken, so Valérie had looked into other options and found that apparently with self-made play dough, you can do the same, just far cheaper and easier to do. Please have a look at our post Kool-Aid colored play dough for the recipe and instructions.

We basically treated it the same way as regular dough, we took a part of the dough ball, used a rolling pin to flatten it and then used a cookie cutter to get the desired shape, and contrary to salt dough or modelling clay, we were even able to do the moose, which’s woods had been the issue with the other ones, because they were too thin and got brittle. Before lifting off the cutter and play dough “cookie” we had Nico put some of his favorite craft item into it – glitter (where do you think part of the title of our blog came from? ;).

After that we put them onto a regular cookie sheet covered with parchment paper and thankfully remembered in time to make a little hole on top for the ribbon to hang it in the tree (we used a simple straw, just make sure that you go all the way through). Then we popped the whole thing into the oven for about an hour on 250 F and let the oven do its job. Since our oven for some reason seems to be getting hotter than whatever we select, our ornaments puffed up a little more than anticipated, but hey, it added to the character :)

Since it had not snowed for over 17 days prior to today, Nico abandoned Valerie in the middle of things to pursue one of his other passions: shoveling snow. I went out with him (yes, it’s me, even though I look like a little headless on the photo), while Valerie finished off the green batch of ornaments. He came back, though, and then…

…once they had cooled off, we tied some green crocheting yarn through the hole (why not a ribbon? The green yarn disappears in the tree and you can focus on the ornament, not what holds it) and we were able to add some really cool decoration to our tree!

This picture shows the second, red, batch that we did later in the afternoon, thanks to the cherry Kool-Aid that we had used to color the play dough, it smelled soooo good! And as you can see, he took glittering to the next level by using different glitters for the same ornament, talk about a little creativity there :)



If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :-)


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