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Clay Christmas ornaments

Here are the final products:

In our quest to have our Christmas tree mostly decorated with ornaments made by or helped by Nico, we have been looking into different things to work with in order to make it easy to do and at good old Wal*Mart we saw Crayola air-dry clay, which does not have to be baked, but can just air dry, which we figured would be a cool thing to do with Christmas shaped cookie cutters (it took us several stores and many more phone inquiring phone calls to find out that the mini cookie cutters we were looking for apparently are impossible to find in the Montreal area…).

So we took out some of the clay, put it onto a cutting board and started rolling it out with a rolling pin, which was tougher than we had thought, because it turned out to be very heavy and even stickier, compared to dough and you obviously can’t use flour to prevent it from sticking, but since Nico is already a seasoned vet with his play dough, he made it (with a little help).

The cookie cutters we picked were a moose head, a bell, a candy cane and a star, unfortunately we had to scrap the moose head, because due to the sticky consistency of the clay and the thinness of the area around the woods it either already broke or got too brittle to withstand regular handling, so we concentrated on the other three, which we laid down on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper to dry, using a regular straw to make the holes for the ribbon/string to hang them into the tree.

It took them four days to fully dry, just to be safe that they would be dried all the way through, so they would be ready for decorating. And Nico would not be our glutton for glitter, if the paint that he used to put nicely bright colors onto the stars and bells did not have some glitter in it, lol.

For the candy canes, Valerie took inspiration from the “No Time For Flash Cards” blog and put some foamy double-sided tape onto the canes (she had wanted to use the flat tape, but since our craft room still resembled more of a storage locker than anything else, we had to make to with what we could find), put some glitter into a ziploc bag, then put a cane into it, zipped it closed and Nico went to town shaking it all around until all tape was covered with glitter, to great effect.

Nico also picked little pompoms to glue on the bells where the actual bell should be.

After that all that was left was to put some crocheting yarn (or a ribbon if you prefer) through the hole and we were ready to hang them in our tree! Don’t they look great?

If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :-)


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