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Felt food – Bacon cheeseburger

So the first menu item we tackled, was a burger, since he has seen us eat those every now and then, we like them with cheese, so we added that and anything is better with a vegetable, so we just had to add some bacon to this, too. Since I could not sew myself out of a paper bag, if my life depended on it, we decided that I was going to be mostly on cutting duty, while Valerie would take care of the sewing (everything by hand, btw, since with her and sewing machines two worlds collide. No, not that she can’t use them, quite the contrary, they do not like her and decide to call it quits after a short amount of time. Nobody knows why and it has happened on two continents, so seems to be a bigger conspiracy overall…).

Valerie started out with drawing the outlines of the crown and bottom of the bun, which I then cut and she used them to measure foam from foam sponges used for dishes and cleaning (available at any dollar store out there), which she cut into the shape she needed to form a bun that would hold itself when picked up. She even took some white sewing thread and put some sesame seeds on the top to make it look more realistic. Then she sewed the felt pieces around the foam and voila, we had the first part done.

In the meantime I cut out the shapes for the bacon, the lettuce, the ground beef patty (in two parts, which Valerie then sewed together with some light batting for thickness), cheese (Swiss, complete with the holes), mustard and ketchup to fill the burger up and to finish it, Valerie then sewed the fat onto the two bacon strips, the veins into the lettuce leaf and painted the char marks onto the burger patty and the burger was complete!

Here are the patterns for the burger buns and toppings as well as for the lettuce leaf (Valerie free-handed the veins in the leaf), I free-handed the ketchup and mustard splats.



If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :-)


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