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Felt Food – The Introduction

Even though this is a montage, this really was going on at the same time, our camera just wasn’t quite able to take one photo in two different directions at once.

Ever since he was a little baby, Nico has been fascinated with food and cooking. I mean, how many 2-month-olds do you know that are sitting in front of the TV with their eyes glued to the Food Network? Well, what to many kids is a phase, has been going on for 26 months and counting with Nico, who loves anything that has to do with cooking and baking. We had bought him a few sets of plastic food at the Dollar store that he has been playing with incessantly, also some plastic fruit with some velcro, which he could cut with a little plastic knife on a little plastic cutting board. When going to the thrift store instead of running off into the toy section, like most other kids would, he’d walk over into the kitchen aisle to pick out a new pot or kitchen utensil and be happy as a clam. On top of that he is in his third play kitchen by now (his first one we put on our deck to play with outside, the second one that we had found for indoors was a lot smaller, so we finally upgraded to a bigger one that is somewhere between the two in size) and believe me, he knows what works how!

Since he got more and more into pretend cooking and baking and increasingly also started to help us in the kitchen (at times to the point of sabotage), it became clear that he would be in heaven, if we would help him to take this to the next level. So Valerie was looking around and found people posting about felt food and an idea started to form in her head, which was very addictive: Felt food! The idea basically was to use felt, batting and sowing thread to create pretty realistic looking food that even holds itself together without having to use velcro and promises to give hours and hours of fun (and as we would find out eventually – work).

We put together a list fruit, vegetables and other foods that we could transform into felt food and found that there are a lot of options and throughout the internet we could find patterns or just ideas and tutorials all over the place, which would aid us in getting everything put together. The first real obstacle, though, was to find felt in a big variety of colors for a reasonable price without having to travel for over an hour, we were close to traveling one and a half hours to New York state to get some, because we got increasingly frustrated over the lack of available felt in food-related colors around here, but eventually we settled with what we could find and set out to fill Nico’s pantry, so to say. As for the burger and fry carton etc, you can ask your local burger joint, if they could give you a free carton or drinking cup, Wendy’s, for example, has the cutest mini cups and fry cartons, if you tell them that it is for pretend food for your little one, they usually are very cooperative :)

So far we have the following (the links to the “making of” are being added as we go):


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