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Baked play dough ornaments

Play dough ornaments - done

Since the plan was to have Nico do (or at least help us with) all ornaments for this year’s Christmas tree, we had looked at modeling clay to do some of them and it worked out ok, but we found that it was very sticky and when it came down to details (such [...]

Felt pompoms Christmas trees

Felt pompoms Christmas trees - done

Here’s the final product:

I was inspired by “Happy Hooligans” who made a Christmas tree ornament with crafts sticks and pompoms. I decided to go with felt instead. I found a shape of a Christmas tree I liked on google and printed out the size I needed. Hubby was patient enough [...]

Kool-Aid colored play dough


Nico is a big fan of play dough, but it would tend to dry out after a while and you’d be somewhat limited in what it would allow you to do, Valérie wanted to do some fun Christmas ornaments and she found a post on “The Magic Onions” that gave us a great [...]

For the firemen on Christmas eve… (mini muffins)

Firemen muffins - presentation

After reading a bunch of peoples traditions on Family Fun from Disney, my husband and I really like the “Surprise a Public Servant” one. We had been to the firehouse not long ago (Nov 6, 2011) after Nico was really into an episode of a kiddy show on firemen so it seemed like [...]

Hand print reindeer foam frame


Here is the final product:I saw a version of this a while back (can’t remember where, sorry) where they used a real wooden frame (Ikea or Michaels inexpensive little wooden ones) painted it and used a red pompom for the nose and they didn’t have the little Santa hat. Makes a great gift [...]

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Meet the family!


Photo taken on May 22, 2011.

Since I’ve been told that it is not polite to blurb in public, here is our story:

My name is Valerie, mother of a very, very active and energetic two-year-old named Nico, living in Quebec, Canada, also known as “La Belle Province”, [...]

Of glitter and muffins

“Glittering Muffins” is a blog dedicated to the world of arts, crafts and food between my beautiful son Nico and myself, Valerie, stay-at-home mom and wrangler of a very, very active and energetic toddler that keeps me on my toes. My hubby Alex also joins in on the weekends, when we have bigger projects and [...]

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