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Metallic play dough recipe – flop 1

At the Glittering Muffins we’re trying to find and give you alternatives to the store bought products out there, so when we heard that Play-Doh had come out with metallic play dough, we were listening and figured to see, if we could find a way to make an affordable and safe homemade version of it for you to enjoy.

Late at night we put on our lab coats, gathered our trusted ingredients of our Kool-Aid coloured play dough (minus the Kool-Aid powder, obviously) as well as a bottle of metallic acrylic craft paint to see, if we could not give that dough a sparkle. The first steps were the same as for the original play dough we had made, just this time we a) separated the batch into four instead of two in order to get a stronger colour and b) added metallic paint to it.

To make sure that we could keep things reproducible, we measured the amount of paint we put in, which at first was one tablespoon. I carefully started to knead it into the dough (remember to ALWAYS do this over a bowl or a plate, even with Kool-Aid powder, because you are bound to spring a leak one place or the other) and the first thing that I noticed was that the whole mix started to stink very chemically from the paint, which was a big first negative. While kneading the color started to spread throughout the dough ball fairly ok, but there was not much metallic effect to be found, so we added a second teaspoon, which saturated the dough ball more in terms of colour, but for one did not add much metallic shine to it and for the other started to dry out the dough, making it begin to separate and losing its smooth consistency.

We probably could have tried to add more paint and also more water, but the very limited success in getting the desired effect and the obnoxious smell made us abandon this experiment and is bringing us back to the drawing table to see, if we can find a different option. We will keep you updated on our progress, even if we get another fail you will at least know what not to try, haha!


If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :-)


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4 comments to Metallic play dough recipe – flop 1

  • You can add glitter “to” any playdough, and my favorite way is just sprinkle it on later, or press it in later. Yes oh yes, playing with art is such fun and the experiments are part of the thrill.

    • Valérie

      Yes I know about the glitter with my little glitter maniac, we do put it in the playdough as well once it’s made, thanks :). I was looking for more of all metal look like a car has I guess, if that makes sense? We are still wondering what could do it, if anyone has ideas we are willing to try them (within reasons of course, lol).

  • What a great exploration! Maybe if you find a metallic paint that has a pleasing smell. I love the smell of tempera and there has to be metallic colors out there!

    Now you have me thinking of what to do to solve this dilemma? Love your blogs name! Probably because it has muffin in it!

    • Valérie

      Thanks, like your blog name too, probably cause it has chocolate in it :) Our paint was acrylic but it looked like that, the dough seems to have absorbed all the metallic out of the paint, weird eh? I think you had mentioned metallic playdoh in one of your post so I thought I’d try to make my own but it failed :( Maybe you can figure it out? Let me know :)

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