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All-in-one letters, colors & shapes

All-in-one letters, colors & shapes
I kept seeing sandpaper alphabets on wooden circles everywhere I thought it was a nice idea but living in a small town I couldn’t find the wooden circles. It would have meant driving 1h30 to the US to get some and frankly that was just ridiculous to do for such a small project, so I left it alone for a while. Then one day it hit me! Literally, I smacked myself on the forehead when I got the idea, like “Duh! why didn’t you think of this before?!”

All-in-one letters, colors & shapes - before
I had foam poster board left over from a project I had made for his birthday and thought I can make my own circles and use those felt sticky letters I found at the dollar store the other day. Of course I didn’t want to do just circles cause they are a pain to cut in that foam board so I got creative with other shapes also thinking about sequences. Then I picked different colors he knew or had seen before. (The letters are not glued, just laid on to show the alphabet.)

I (and hubby) painted each shape a minimum of 2 coats depending on the color taking care of doing the edge as well. After all that was done we double coated each shape with Modge Podge to make them a little more toddler resistant, lol. Then we stuck the sticky felt letters on there and voilà!

We put those in his advent calendar which we also made, the last 2 days he got 2 and he wanted more the following day, lol.

I want to say that the hubby (Alex) helped in all the steps of this, it was a parents’ effort not just a mommy one.

 Update: Check this post to see all we did with them!


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