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Suncatcher rainbow hearts

Suncatcher rainbow hearts (with coffee filters)
This early afternoon Nico was getting restless, it had been raining (more like pouring) all morning, so I figured ok quick craft, suncatchers! So I got the coffee filters and the Rainbow Art Kit again and I got deserted! When getting the stuff upstairs in the “craft room”, he saw the bin of cloud dough and refused to come down without it.

So I set him up on his little table (about a meter from me) and set myself up on the dining room table for the rainbow painting. I figured he would come over eventually when he saw what I was doing. I was right, all I had time to do was 5 filters and he popped in.

Here is the kit (put water where the 2 rectangular sponges are).

I reminded him of how it worked and took photos this time so you all can see better, since my explanation in the rainbow painting surprise was a little vague.

A few of his filters dried                                                                       A few of my filters dried

Once they were dried, during nap time, I had a little fun and started cutting my coffee filters, then I cut his in the biggest hearts I could. I didn’t cover the whole filter with paint so I had to be careful about all the white left over.  I traced the big half heart after folding the coffee filter and free handed the little hearts in the leftovers.

Then I laminated them and cut them all. See the top right reddish one? That one he made all red especially for his grandma Dada. You can see I wrote his name, the date and age with a pencil on the left.

I tried to explain to him when he got up, that the hearts already made were his coffee filter he painted earlier but as he touched them plasticized you could see he couldn’t imagine those being the filters. But he still had fun sticking them on the window :)  I had made one too while he was napping and took it down before he woke up, can you tell which one is who’s? ;)

He had done a coffee filter for papa and one for me, so for those I waited for him to get up and pick the shape he wanted me to cut it. Then I laminated those with more little leftovers hearts, he was in awe in front of the laminator, it was the first time he saw it. Showing him how it happened, it seemed to have clicked in his head how those plastic hearts were what he painted before. Fun to see the little wheels turning in there :)

If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :-)

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