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Color palette nature hunt (walk time)

This was done pre-blog which explains the lack of and fuzzy  photos but I will try my best to explain it.

First I drew a color palette shape on a cardboard then I drew little color circles (that matched what I know can be found on our walk, color wise) where the paint goes on a real one and wrote the name under. I then put 2 sided sticky tape on each color circle, you could also use glue dots but I didn’t have any.

Then we went for a walk and brought the palette, at the beginning of our walk I explained to Nico how it worked.You can see it pretty well here.

Of course he had to get a rock all the way up there, the gazillions on the ground were not good enough, especially after I said no to huge rock)

We looked for things that were the same color as the circle. Now he had just turned 2 the week before, so I was kind of pre-spotting colors for him and when I saw something coming I would remind him to look for said color, but he still had lots of fun.

For older children you could let them do it on their own or even just write the colors and not color in the circles, but have them do it before the walk.



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