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Valentines Day 2012

vday2012After having our Valentines Day dinner the night before at Wendy’s with our 2 can dine for 8.99 coupon with Nico and his little burber (burger)  meal, we were happy. We saved money, no big waiting time and no dinner tantrum, YAY!

So the next day it’s back to business, check other blogs, answering their statuses on Facebook, looking for posts to share, I stumbled upon this post from a blog I really like, I Can Teach my Child. Dang it! I LOVED the idea and just had to do it!


I asked Alex what he would like to eat for Valentines Day without saying anything else. I knew it’s too close to lunch time to get anything started, so I waited till nap time where I made the sign. We all love lady bugs and they are often used for Valentines Day so that’s where the name came from. I made some thumbprint lady bugs & hearts and left space for Nico to make some after his nap…  He didn’t want to. Ok. Let’s offer him some red heart jewels, he didn’t want to glue those on either. After a few minutes of telling/showing him how pretty it would be, he was up for it. He decided to put them inside the letters, so it turned into a little bit of a letter practice :) In the rush I forgot to take photos, sorry. You can see it better in this post.

vdaydinnersetting_smallThen with 1h15 minutes to go I headed to the grocery store to get the food and to the dollar store for some balloons, tablecloth and candles. Took forever to get the balloons (a few people ahead) so I made it back just in time to go pick up Alex but I had nothing set up or cooked!  So I message him on Skype to see if he can work an extra 30 minutes and get a ride home on Valentines Day! I asked my mother to come help me out. I had her put up the sign and fix the wrapping paper on the table since I couldn’t find a tablecloth. After a few Nico sabotages on the tablecloth/wrapping paper it was done… (don’t mind the mess it’s also our crafts/recycling area) (and we all know that the borders between those two areas can easily blur… ;) – Alex)


Meanwhile, I was grilling some thin steaks in our healthy George grill for a few minutes and threw them in an oven dish with some brown gravy and it finished off in the oven for some very tender steaks. I had gotten some potato wedges with herb seasoning from McCain (pressed for time) and Smilies for Nico, that I put in the oven.

vdaydinnerdessert_smallPillsbury crescent dough was transformed into chocolate croissants and cherry pie filling filled pockets for dessert. I was in the middle of making dessert when he walked in, so not too bad. Thanks mom for helping!

vdaydinnergift_smallAlex also got a gift, he really didn’t expect it! He really liked the whole shebang and so did Nico (he liked the candles and boonboons (balloons).

I will let Alex say what he thought of it here:
Well, how much better can I say it than Valerie already did with “he really liked the whole shebang”? A little more details? Alrighty-roo, but just because it’s you :) When I walked in I smelled the food right away (and if we had a smell-o-blog, I’d make you smell it, too!) and let me tell you, unless you are a vegetarian, you should try this, super easy to do and great taste! Anywho, the set-up looked great and it showed that you didn’t have to go all-out and expensive to get a whole Valentine’s Day atmosphere going! And I’m sure that you all are at the edge of your…whatever you are sitting on as to what the gift was – a silver chain (never had one before). So check out both our post and the original one, try it and you won’t want to go back to the restaurant! 

I think we all agree, this is a keeper for years to come! Thank you SO much Jenae for sharing this, hope you don’t mind us using your tradition?



If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :)

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