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The great pretender – why pretend play is so important

Children are known to pretend play many of life’s every day situations and I know that there are many people out there who think that it is stupid, because it, to them, does not amount to anything, since there are no rules involved in the play and whatnot. Needless to say that the vast majority of these people either are far away from parenthood as I am from reciting “War & Piece” backwards in Kisuaheli, or if they are actually parents do not care or do not get it…

Recycled Fun - Under the pile

In an earlier post in our “Thoughts” category I had referred to investing into your children and how important and easy it sometimes is to concentrate on the basics. If you look at your children, they are like a sponge, they absorb and what do they absorb the most? What they see in front of their very eyes every single day, which is the day to day life of their parents, from cooking and baking over washing the dishes to brushing your teeth and yes, also fighting, they do not make a difference, if it is positive or negative. With this they build their knowledge of how to live, how to function and it is a great way to show them the right way of  doing things.

Pretend baking mixing

Nico loves pretty much everything kitchen related and he pays insane amounts of attention to what we do, because when he pretend cooks and bakes, the detail he puts into everything is absolutely amazing. He mimics the way I do the dishes, the way we hold hot pots (for example we sometimes pull down our sleeves to just quickly lift a lid and he almost immediately did the same), copies how we put batter into muffin forms and it shows for one that he is a keen observer and learns from watching instead of just from sitting down with him and going with whatever we tell them, and for the other also shows us that we have to watch what we do, how we do it and what we say, because he is almost sure to pick it up, if we want to or not.

When your child wants to pretend play anything, go along, play along, encourage the imagination of him/her, because it will help all of you to manifest a lot of important things in life (for example social skills, creativity or regular tasks) and will also help you to figure out, which things your child is really interested or talented in. Yes, the education of your child his highly important, but there is more to it than just sitting down with them and going over letters or numbers or whatever else there is, this free expression through pretend play (or dramatic play, as some call it), is the maybe purest form of learning.



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