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Quick Lady Bug Café sign

lovebugcafesignThis was our quick sign for our quickly improvised Lady Bug Café for Valentines Day dinner.

I didn’t have a big poster board and couldn’t go buy one as Nico was sleeping. So I took 4 pink cardstocks and taped them together. Then I penciled the letters for the name, free handed. Don’t press to hard or it’ll be hard to erase, but I erased just enough to not have it show through the paint and enough to still use them as a guide (I have a tendency to shrink my lettering as I write).

Quick Lovebug Cafe Sign bug signQuick Lovebug Cafe Sign cafe
I used Nico’s red glitter paint for Love Bug and regular black that I sprinkled with red glitter while the paint was wet for Café.

Quick Lovebug Cafe Sign glitter heartsI got some glittery heart stickers and stuck some in the corners (3 that represent each of us).

Quick Lovebug Cafe Sign bugsFor one corner I wanted a little more 3D effect so I used foam hearts flipped upside down and drew on them with a fine sharpie. I made little antennas with a black pipe cleaners cut to size and folded in 2. I also folded the tips to avoid Nico poking himself on them. I hot glued them to the tip of the heart.

Quick Lovebug Cafe Sign bug fingerprintThen I made little red ink thumb print lady bugs & 1 heart as well and left space for Nico to do some after his nap but he wasn’t in the mood.

Quick Lovebug Cafe Sign bug sign

I offered him some red heart jewels, he didn’t want to glue those on either. After a few minutes of telling/showing him how pretty it would be, he was up for it. He decided to put them inside the letters, so it turned into a little bit of a letter practice :)
In the rush I forgot to take photos, sorry.

Quick Lovebug Cafe SignTook about 20 minutes plus paint drying time to make. And voilà we had our sign!



If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :)


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