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A visit to the butterfly house

On October 9th 2011 (so pre-blog era) we went to visit a butterfly house (the place is called Ferme Guyon and they are also on Facebook.). I don’t know how many of those exist out there but I had never heard of one before. They are housed in a greenhouse type building (sorry forgot to take a pic of the outside). They have over a hundred different species, indigenous and exotic all fluttering around in there. You calmly walk on the path, watch out for butterflies on the ground and look at them flying around you in the greenery adapted for all those lovely flying creatures. On our walk around the oval, we were lucky enough to talk with one of the care taker and learn that butterflies have an average life span of only 2 weeks!

Ferme Guyon - Tarantula
Ferme Guyon - Praying Mantis

She also showed us the butterfly nursery and a few other inhabitants of the greenhouse, a praying mantis and a tarantula. She also explained that the outside (top side when opened) of the wings are covered with tiny colored scales that give the wing it’s color and also allow the wing to be sturdy enough to fly, so if you touch that part you damage the wing and risk hurting the butterfly and rendering him unable to fly.

Then she asked if Nico would like to have a butterfly on him, he nodded a shy yes to the stranger lady. She grabbed a common monarch while his wings were closed not to hurt him and put it on his arm, to this day he still re-enacts the story when he sees the photo, a butterfly on tv or in books, I think it really impressed him.

During our visit, Alex was chasing butterflies with the camera and just before leaving he got lucky and was able to photograph a rare exotic Morpho butterfly (also known as blue butterfly). The lady said they were really hard to get as they never sit still.

It was a great outing, I really hope you get a chance to experience this. But the outing wasn’t over, to the butterfly house there is an educational farm attached, so off to the farm we were…


If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :)

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