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Off to the farm…

So after visiting the butterfly house for a good 45 minutes, we went to see the little farm on the same propriety.It’s an educational farm, where they offer tours and activities for school group, of course on a Sunday (the day we went) they don’t do those but you still can do around and look/pet the animals.

So we went in and looked at the informative stations first. They had a wheat to bread, a cow to butter and a sheep to wool stations. Those must be really interesting stations to visit when they have them going!They had a bunny I got to pet to show him it was all ok but Nico didn’t want to (he was afraid) and to this day every time he sees a bunny in a book or anywhere else he re-enacts the time he didn’t pet the bunny and I did, goes a little like this: Coco no (gesturing petting), maman yeah (yes nod). I must have heard that one over a 100 times since then… but he now agrees he will pet the bunny next time we go :)

So off the animals we were. After not wanting to pet the bunny he wanted to try petting the little goats. And after much hesitation, he did and loved it.

Then we went back outside and visited their big tipi and their old general store. There was also and old barn, some flowers that they sell and a giant spider outside. Behind the giant spider you can see the butterfly house :)

It was a lovely day we will repeat it around Easter as they are closed right now, Nico can’t wait to go again :)

For more information, please visit their website.



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