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Quick chocolate or cherry pie filling croissants

Valentine's Day dinner dessert

This was our quick dessert for our quickly improvised Lady Bug Café for Valentines Day dinner.

You will need:

A Pillsbury crescent tube (2 or 3 if you are more or want more) Chocolate chips Cherry pie filling

I laid out the dough like you normally would to make [...]

Quick Lady Bug Café sign


This was our quick sign for our quickly improvised Lady Bug Café for Valentines Day dinner.

I didn’t have a big poster board and couldn’t go buy one as Nico was sleeping. So I took 4 pink cardstocks and taped them together. Then I penciled the letters for the name, free [...]

EE the mouse and her house

Ee's House result

If you haven’t met EE  in our paper bag cheese post you can also meet her here in her house. After making her a cheese I thought she could use a house. I asked Nico if he also wanted a house for EE, he jumped up and down so I took that as [...]

The great pretender – why pretend play is so important

Children are known to pretend play many of life’s every day situations and I know that there are many people out there who think that it is stupid, because it, to them, does not amount to anything, since there are no rules involved in the play and whatnot. Needless to say that the [...]

Valentines Day 2012


After having our Valentines Day dinner the night before at Wendy’s with our 2 can dine for 8.99 coupon with Nico and his little burber (burger)  meal, we were happy. We saved money, no big waiting time and no dinner tantrum, YAY!

So the next day it’s back to business, [...]

Sweet memories – Valentines Day 2011


Last year at the same date we hadn’t done any Valentines Day craft like this year, we hadn’t bought presents like this year, we hadn’t planned a homemade dinner like this year, nor had we gone out. Sounds negative and boring? It might, but it wasn’t, now it just reminds us of the [...]

Heart-Shaped Homemade Zipper Pulls (with coffee filters)

Heart-Shaped Homemade Zipper Pulls (with coffee filters)

As part of our Valentines Day snail mail swap, I wanted Nico to make something for the kids to use. He enjoys coloring on coffee filters, so I thought suncatcher… nah not “useful” enough. Ok what else could we do using those laminated coffee filters…well they do become waterproof. Kids like things hanging [...]

Baked play dough heart pins, magnets & hair clip


Nico wanted to play with his Kool-Aid play dough,  he picked the left over pinkish glittery one. Valentines Day was approaching, so I thought I would give him a heart shape cookie cutter.

He went to town making hearts! I couldn’t roll the dough quickly enough, lol. I started putting them on [...]

Pretend play – baking

Pretend baking scooping

If you have been following “Glittering Muffins”, you will have noticed a thing or two about Nico, one of which is a certain affinity towards cooking and baking. Nah, who am I kidding, the kids loves to cook and bake, real and pretend and ever since he was really little he always came [...]

Cards of many hearts (Valentines Day snail mail swap)


A blogging mom (Dinosaurs and Octopuses) decided to organize a good old fashioned Valentines Day snail mail swap between other willing blogging moms. Kids make the Valentines cards and we mail them out between us (them), has to be handmade, after all we are all crafty and that’s what we [...]

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