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United Kingdom – postbox bank

I wondered what craft I should make to represent the UK and started looking for UK landmark photos to get an idea. I thought about a phone booth, all those little windows would be very time consuming and difficult for a kid to do. I remembered those red postboxes and I got thinking, this would be fairly easy to make but on a smaller scale what would be the use? You can’t really put a letter in that little slot… but you can put coins! Ok, now those are round, most things you buy come in a rectangle or square container. A 2 liter bottle of pop is way too big… but a chip can is good just too tall. Ok, let’s get rolling!

I took the chip can and roughly eyeballed the can in 1/3 and cut 1/3 in the middle out, taped it all back together using packing tape to make sure it was solid. I took out the middle because I needed the bottom and the top lid so I would be able to use the lid.

Pickle, you can’t paint tape very well, ok… construction paper cut to the can size, he could help glue that. Nope, he wouldn’t help, as it wasn’t not yoyange (orange), he’s in a “let’s make everything orange” phase. Normally I would let him do it the color he wanted but this time I think it was important to keep it red.


For the top he did help me paint the half styrofoam ball (I just cut a full ball in half) red. I also painted the edge and part of the top of the lid red.

Once that was painted I noticed my construction paper was not the same red, so I put 2 thin coats of red paint on there, to avoid it waving up. (To much paint will make the paper wavy) It may be difficult for kids but it’s a great time to explain how to stretch paint and use it to its full potential :)

I made the slot in the postbox with the exacto (utility) knife, definitely NOT for a child to do.

I also noticed that some of those had little signs on them, I couldn’t read them, the photos were too small, so I asked a group of fantastic UK mom bloggers what it said. Thanks to them I was able to make my own little sign on a note block paper that I just cut rectangular (vertical) to fit the width of the slot.I also painted a little red edge to it to give it the look of the rack that normally holds the paper.

I hot glue gunned the half ball centered on the lid, popped the lid on and voilà! You got yourself a UK postbox inspired bank :)

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