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Jumble spinning

Ready to catch!

We got Crayola’s Jumbles for Nico a long time ago, he’s been playing with them on and off. In the last year, he likes when we spin them so we added a little eye/hand coordination to it and made it a game, all he has to do is catch them he loves it!

It’s hard to take pics so I took videos of it, this weekend :)

Here he is catching one…

Now catching 2, one looked too easy lol.

You could spin anything that spins and do this game, it’s really easy, can be done on any hard surface and it’s fantastic for hand/eyes coordination. Also teaches a little patience, as in: “Wait until I spin it to catch it!” LOL

Have fun!



If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :-)


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