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5 Reasons I know I’m a… Mother

Kate on Kate Takes 5 made this list as well and asked people to do the same and come back to link up, so here is mine:

1) Going to the bathroom is a family event, no matter what!
2) I repeat everything at least twice for 95% of the day.
3) At the end of the day I feel like I’ve been run over by a train, because I was used as a jungle gym all day.
4) I wake up at 3 am, because I have a song from (insert kid tv show) stuck in my head, not the title song but one in the middle of that particular episode.
5) My house feels like a daycare for over 50 kids, because it’s overrun by so many toys!

Mom is my gym!

Go ahead do one too! You can link it up on Kate’s site and here, too, I’m sure both linky lists will be different and very fun to read, you just have to write up your own “5 Reasons I know I’m a… Mother” and join in! :)


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