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Shooting stars recycled wax crayons


You’ve seen this all over the internet, melting broken wax crayons into another shape. Many warn about circles, that you can really draw precisely with them, so I thought I would pick a pointy shape.

We didn’t have broken ones, so I just got a cheap box of wax crayons instead. [...]

Being a mom – by moms

Being A Mom

A message from a more seasoned mom:

Cherish every single minute, Mommies. It flies by so quickly. With an 11 and a 14 year old now, I miss my baby/toddler days so much it hurts. Thank goodness I have the hooligans to keep me hopping. I don't know what [...]

Quick TP roll bird (squirrel) feeder

Installing it :)

I had (still do) loads of TP rolls, we had a little forest next door and we had bird seeds I bought a while ago for a wooden bird feeder we never installed. Nico likes all animals so I thought we would make a quick bird feeder (nothing new, not re-inventing the wheel [...]

Jumble spinning

Ready to catch!

Ready to catch!

We got Crayola’s Jumbles for Nico a long time ago, he’s been playing with them on and off. In the last year, he likes when we spin them so we added a little eye/hand coordination to it and made it a game, all he has to do is catch [...]

A day at the zoo (a Papa’s view)


After Valerie had posted her view of our latest visit to the zoo here, here is my view, which to some parts is the same, but at the same time isn’t, so here goes!

Nico loves the zoo (and so do we), so more by coincidence than anything else we had [...]

Sweet memories… – Groovy baby!

Sweet memories - groovy baby!

4 days shy of being 2 months, he had some disco moves going, lol. He looked happy about it too


Discovering play dough

Discovering play dough - name

This is when Nico was 20 months so pre-blog and post-everything in the mouth eras. I had bought play dough, I knew you could make homemade play dough but didn’t remember how and also wanted to see if he liked it to start with.

I gave him a little jar [...]

50 mom-approved tips and tricks for everyday life


Life happens, especially with kids, and sometimes there are just little things that can make a big difference in your everyday life and make it a lot easier, especially if you have to react quickly sometimes. We’ve compiled some mom-approved tips and tricks that might help you as well in everyday life situations!

Granby Zoo – his 3rd first real visit (a Maman’s view)


Don't you love their logo?

Today (March 11, 2012) we went to the zoo, we had been trying to go all winter (it’s open on the weekend) but the weather was always either too cold, windy or snowy. it was Nico’s 3rd visit to this zoo (he’s also been to the Calgary [...]

Sensory play – Cloud dough

Cloud dough - Fun!

(Jan. 22, 2012) Ok I’ve been seeing this around for a while and avoiding it, thinking Nico wouldn’t play with it anyways (he doesn’t like touching stuff like that). Most people I saw trying this had older kids, but after 2 months of seeing how much fun everyone was having, I gave [...]

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