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Sweden – Hasselbackspotatis (Hasselback potatoes)

Hasselbackspotatis (Hasselback potatoes)

After deciding on the Christmas ham for our main dish, Valerie looked around on this great blog (Anne’s Food, by a blogger in Stockholm, Sweden) and found a really cool recipe for a side – Hasselback potatoes. They look really cool and kind of fancy, but when we looked at the recipe, they are super easy to do!

The potato in the spoon to avoid cutting all the way through.

Cutting the potato as thin as possible.

After peeling and washing the potatoes, I put them into a serving spoon and with a sharp knife tried to cut slices as thing as I could, without cutting all the way through (that’s why I used the spoon, to make that easier). Nico wanted to help, but since his knife skills are still under construction, we figured it’d be a wise decision to have him as a spectator only and he was fine with it after explaining to him why. He still tried to take a stab (literally) here and there, but hey, he loves to cook and help, so…

Potato all cut up

Basting potatoes with margarine

Anyways, after that I placed the potatoes into an oven safe dish (at 425F, a little less than called for, but our oven still thinks it is stronger than it is and seems to have more heat than it should…) and brushed them with some melted margarine (we don’t use butter in general).

Seasoning the potatoes

After 20 minutes Valerie brushed some more margarine on and added some salt and pepper and after 10 more minutes some breadcrumbs and then leave it for another 5 minutes and voila – we had ourselves some very nice potatoes!

Hasselback potatoes done

All that was now left was to put the potatoes on the plates, cut one or two slices of ham and crack open a can of creamed corn (not necessarily typically Swedish, more something Canadian, but it just fits so well :)) and we were good to go! Nico didn’t want anything to do with the ham, but after some reservations enjoyed the potatoes, while the ham per se was a success with both Valerie and I, but since she has never been a big fan of mustard to begin with and the grainy mustard being fairly strong, that part was a no-go after the first forkful, she did try, though, so kudos to her :)

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