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Fillable egg carton bunnies

Fillable egg carton bunnies(The bunny gallery)
Most of you have made things from egg cartons before, generally speaking it’s the little caterpillar, we made some of those a few weeks back, too, for the first time. I was gonna enter them in Tinkerlab’s egg carton challenge even though it wasn’t original. It was bugging me though, I needed to find something else… I thought for weeks and with Easter approaching and us having done no crafts for it (we were Valentines day burned out, we overdid it a bit) I came up with those.

Fillable egg carton bunnies - egg carton prep(From carton to bunny)
I took the egg carton, separated and roughly leveled all the cups, I used a hole punch and punched a hole near the edge (not too close or it will rip) in all of them. I cut a pipe cleaner just long enough to twist and turn back in so he wouldn’t prick himself. I gave a quick coat of white tempera on them so the colors he would pick would come out brighter.

Fillable egg carton bunnies - pink for dada(Pink bunny for Grandma)
Then I let him him pick his colors and paint them. I had to hold them since they were already attached and it was tricky for him (he’s only 2.5 yo after all).

Fillable egg carton bunnies - painting on the inside  w(Painting a bunny on the inside)
The second batch I didn’t attach right away so it would be easier for him.

Fillable egg carton bunnies - sticking the eyes(Sticking the eyes on a bunny)
Then we got the little googly eyes out (I happened to have Easter colored ones but you can use any), I made him choose the colors for all of them and he helped sticking them all, even though they are pretty tiny!

Fillable egg carton bunnies - q-tips mouth(Q-tipping the bunny)
We originally used Q-tips and made a dot for the nose and the bottom paws, he had a little issue aiming (he was too excited) but still I left it. When we did the second batch I asked him if he wanted to put pompoms for the nose and paws and he got very excited and pulled them all out. He chose every color for everyone’s bunny. I used a little bit of white cardstock and cut some ears, free-hand. You could go fancy and do some folded ears too.

Fillable egg carton bunnies - ear glitter(Glittering up a bunny ear)
I took foamy double sided tape and stuck it in the middle of the ears. I took our glitter tray and had him move the ears around on all the different glitter colors, shake it off and the ears were done! I glued them on the back of the head. Last thing was teeth, I cut a little white square, stuck it under the nose, waited for it to dry and cut a sliver off and gave them some buck teeth, lol. I used tacky glue to make sure everything would stay on well.

Fillable egg carton bunnies - filling with chocolate (Filling a bunny with chocolate)
The great thing with those is you can fill them with whatever you want, we put chocolate coins and eggs :)

Fillable egg carton bunnies(The bunny gallery)
I almost forgot to take a photo of all of them, so I put them on the hood of the van on the way out to deliver them!

And here is our Easter bunny delivering them :):

If you do this, we’d LOVE to see a photo of it. Email it to us or post it on our Facebook page. We’d love to do a Facebook album, a Pinterest board and a page of your creations :-)

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