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Quick indoor picnic

Early February Nico was bugging about going to the park for a picnic. Now I’m up for adventure, but not at -25C (-13F).

So I just threw a little comforter on the living room floor made some croissant sandwiches for Alex & I and heated up some rigatoni and little meatballs for Nico (“no sauce, no no no!”) and we sat in the living room watching Stella and Sam (Stella and Sacha in French, no clue why they changed his name), a cute big sister & little brother duo, that go on imaginary trips and learn about life through imagination, it’s a great series!

So anyways he really liked it and was thrilled. I make sure to give him food that doesn’t make a mess if spilled. Nothing with sauce, no soup, no rice. I think the muffin tin lunch/dinner other blogs do would work pretty well for this, as long as it’s all pretty much dry stuff. Fruits, raw veggies, little meat pieces, small potatoes, no sauce pastas, well you get the idea ;)

Since then he’s done several “nic” with and without me. Yep, he let me eat at the table by myself or with Alex, which is nice once in a while :)


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