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Inexpensive balance beam

Inexpensive balance beam on w
(Mar. 31, 2012) After seeing a 4 yo not being able to walk on a wide cement parking divider and falling repeatedly, I wondered about Nico’s balance skills. He did the same without falling, so I was relieved. I still wanted to give him something to practice on at home. We had an old wood plank from the balcony replacement last year, all we needed was a big 4×4 for him to walk on and put the other one on. We had to go to the hardware store anyways so I figure I would check the wood yard, in a wheeled cart where they kept scrapped 2x4s, they also had a big 4×4, so I asked the guy if it would be possible to buy it for cheap to make a little balance beam type of thing for my 2.5 yo. Well just happened he didn’t care for it anyways so he gave it to us, even loaded it in the van :)

Inexpensive balance beam - up
Since nothing is permanent or nailed together he is always supervised and we can move it wherever we want.

Will you make one?

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