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Boys have long hair too! – Maman’s view

This post was written as a contribution to the Boys Have Long Hair, Too Blog Carnival.  The participating bloggers are sharing their experiences, struggles, and opinions surrounding having a son who has long hair.

Here’s our little story…

As a new born he barely had a duvet.

When he got older and it started to grow, it grew on top only, so he had a natural little mohawk for several months. It just wouldn’t grow on the sides, so I just let it be and eventually it did.

Waking up with funky hair!

His bang got long and since I don’t like hair in my face and I worried that it would damage his eyes, I did cut his bang around 1 year 4 months. I do trim it when it gets long. He’s been called a cute little girl for about a year an a half  (he’s 2.5 yo). So I correct people and tell them he’s a boy and loves his long hair (Once in a while I even throw in a “he also loves to watch Strawberry Shortcake”). He doesn’t handle anyone reaction yet, I don’t think he cares.

We wash his hair at every shower and bath, takes about a minute or 2 extra. He argues they are clean sometimes but we tell him the same as when he doesn’t want to brush them: “Ok we’ll cut them, you want long hair you have to maintain them”. If he doesn’t care we say ok and get the scissors, he changes his tune real quick when he sees we are serious lol. I tell him every once in a while (out of the blue, just to talk) if you want long hair they need to be well brushed and smell good, or it’s not gonna be pretty and nice. I even ask him when we see other kids with unbrushed hair what he thinks of it. He normally doesn’t like it and says that kid should listen and brush. That seems to help reduce the fighting over them.

So far my family doesn’t mind but Alex’s dad doesn’t like it but respects our choice (we did ask him he never mentioned it on his own.) So far he’s never wanted me to cut his hair. I tested him about it for about a week, I told him people think he’s a girl, showed him pics of boys with short hair in his books, asking if he wanted to look like the other boys… All I ever got was a no. Individualist, that’s my boy! Don’t let others dictate what you should  like or not :)

I don’t cut them cause I just can’t bring myself to do so and he doesn’t want me too, he’ll scream if I have the scissors near his hair and say I will cut them (I tried once). I frankly don’t want to wrestle my child with scissors in my hand, the boy is freakishly strong!

When he asks me to cut them I will, until then…

Longer by about 2 cm in the back, today (May 15, 2012)



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10 comments to Boys have long hair too! – Maman’s view

  • aww what a cutie, its nice to see strong minded little boys :) My boys go through spells and sometimes they love their longer hair others they ask for it to be cut short, I just go with whatever they ask but love it so much more when they allow it to get long :)

  • What a cutie! I love the mohawk pics. When my son was younger, we used to put his in a mohawk to “fix” it so that he would feel included in the hair routine.

  • What a cute boy! Love the natural mohawk hair growth. I knew a mom who had a son with the opposite…no kidding! Long hair on the sides and barely any on the top. Eventually it all grew in! Not surprised you had a child with a mohawk, because from what I gathered from the dad’s post you are a rockin’ family:) I love it!

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  • I’m impressed you manage to keep his fringe (bangs) so straight. I used to make a terrible mess of Goblin’s which is one of the reasons we decided to grow that out to – so now he wears hair clips which adds to everyone thinking he is a girl. I have actually stopped correcting people when they say he is a “beautiful girl”. I just can’t be bothered with their confused expressions! Nico doesn’t even look feminine so its odd that people call him a girl but i think people just see long hair and make an instant assumption.

  • [...] Boys Have Long Hair, Too: A Maman’s View — Valerie from Glittering Muffins son has been called a cute little girl for about a year and a half (he’s 2.5 yo). So she corrects people and tells them he’s a boy and loves his long hair (Once in a while she even throws in a “he also loves to watch Strawberry Shortcake”).  [...]

  • [...] Boys Have Long Hair, Too: A Maman’s View — Valerie from Glittering Muffins son has been called a cute little girl for about a year and a half (he’s 2.5 yo). So she corrects people and tells them he’s a boy and loves his long hair (Once in a while she even throws in a “he also loves to watch Strawberry Shortcake”).  [...]

  • i just love that pop of hair in those tot pics! i tell Bear the same thing..”if you want long hair, you have to brush it.” thanks so much for participating in this party!

  • Wendy

    He’s a cutie, but I don’t see why anyone would want their little boy mistaken for a little girl unless they wish he WAS a little girl. Boys like long hair sometimes, cooking and baking, they like glitter, dolls, and even pink. That doesn’t make them different, wrong, or girly. But for a parent to LIKE it when they’re mistaken for girls….that’s a little weird.

    • Alex

      Hi Wendy,
      I can’t see anywhere that Valerie says that she likes it for Nico to be mistaken for a girl or want him to be mistaken… Can you please refresh my/our memory where it states that?



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