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Tinkerlab’s Creative Challenge: Flowers – sensory pictures

So once again Nico is in a no mood, or TV mood if you prefer, and didn’t participate too much. I think he may have liked this with real flowers because he could have smelled them.

The flowers before being cut up.

He’s really into smell right now and it would make a for a wonderful sensory experience with all the smells and textures but since I’m allergic to them I had use fake ones.

Pieces of flowers

I just disassembled/cut the flowers in pieces and got a foam sheet for him to do a collage with it, simple and quick. I had different kinds and colors I bought a while ago, so I just used those.

Adding some grass with the back leafs of the sunflowers.

The only thing missing is a little glitter, maybe next time :)

Nico's picture

My picture

This is “my” picture while waiting for him to come over and do his.

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4 comments to Tinkerlab’s Creative Challenge: Flowers – sensory pictures

  • I LOVE this idea, Valerie. I find that if I leave materials out for a few days (or even weeks) that kids will come back around to them and experiment with them on their own terms (maybe you already do this). Sometimes you just have to be in the right mood!

    • Valérie

      Thanks Rachelle :) I would leave things out but the ick is that it’s on our kitchen/dinning room table, so I can’t really, unless we want to eat with it, lol. I wanna try it again outside with real flowers and have him cut them, that should help him wanna do this :)

  • Wonderful. Must have been great crafting with all those pretty and colourful petals. Perfect.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

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