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India – Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken)

Murg Makhani (Butter Chicken)

India is a country that is known for hot dishes, for very complex spice mixtures and for some palates odd ingredients. When doing the research on the Indian cuisine, I came across many dishes that were too hot for Nico to even try or had ingredients that none of us really were to keen on, so the choice fell on Murg Makhani, better known as Butter Chicken.

Checking out several recipes, they all came to the same conclusion – you need lots of different spices, which in itself is not a problem, since pretty much everybody has an array of spices in the spice rack or cupboard, but we ran into a couple of problems with the whole thing. For one the month of May had been utterly ridiculous with our big road trip to Massachusetts, then we had everybody in the family getting sick, and the spices we would have needed either are not available here or only in quantities that we would have had enough to last us two decades, so even though we did not want to do it, we just had to take the easy way out, the shortcut – using something pre-made.

Our savior came in the form of VH Sauces, which now offer a bunch of Asian style sauces and marinades, among them Butter Chicken sauce, so it was a very welcome helper, which basically made the dish extremely easy and fast.

First off we cut 500 g of chicken breasts into small cubes.

Then with a little margarine or oil we roasted them up until they were starting to brown.

Next up we dumped the sauce into the pan and let it simmer. And we were done! As sides we chose the traditional rice and naan bread, which we also bought, since we do not exactly have this oven contraption usually used to make it.

Both Valerie and I enjoyed it a lot, while Nico decided to go picky and not even try the chicken (which in the end was a good thing, since it turned out to be a bit spicy), he fell in love with the naan bread, though, which he devoured like there was no tomorrow.

So while being a success, we’re very much looking forward to a calmer month of June for our adventure into the next country, which promises to be a lot more accessible :)

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