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DIY Sidewalk chalk paint

On April 14, 2012, the weather looked nice and Nico had been asking for a picnic so we headed to the park, but before we went, I decided that since Nico likes paint so much, maybe we should make our own DIY sidewalk chalk paint (haven’t seen any in stores anyways). I looked around and everyone had different recipes, so I decided to go with equal part cornstarch and water, plus food coloring for color.

Measuring the cornstarch...

So we measured the cornstarch before leaving and put it in little containers to bring. We brought the measuring cup, water and the food coloring with us.

We had our lunch and fun in the park, then I called Nico and had him come over to help me. We measured the water, I used the handle of the brush to stir it. Mixing, his favorite part to anything, lol. I used cheap dollar store regular painter’s paint brushes, but it would have been better with foam brushes. It still works, but you need to dip a lot. We made 3 colors and I tried to get him to paint each brick since he seemed a little lost. I made a 2 colored heart, if you wait for the first to dry, you can apply another color on top :)

Nico painted around for a while, then in true toddler fashion ran back to the park area. A little girl, about 6-7 yo had been looking and seemed interested, so I told her she could try it, she loved it, so I gave the recipe to her mom. I didn’t take her pic to keep her privacy. This can be a great activity for a large group, all you need is cheap and you can make the size batches you need, so a bunch of little batches to have them around for a large group would work well. If you get the kids involved in measuring, you get some math in too ;)

The masterpiece from everyone :)



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