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Small Hands Creating Hope – Butterfly frame

A blogging friend of mine has this wonderful project called “Small Hands Creating Hope”. Here is a little bit of her story: “This May, I celebrate 30 years since I was diagnosed with cancer (at 22 months), and I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. My story is what I would like all cancer stories to be, someday – one of hope and a happy future. I decided to put together a book symbolizing hope, with a cancer-related theme. Children’s art projects seemed the perfect medium, and I was fortunate enough to get the support of some fantastic bloggers – and their kids! The book will go live starting May 14th (the day I was admitted for surgery, 30 years ago), with ebook downloads as thank yous for donations to the American Cancer Society through July 4th (when I turn 32 – plus, I like the liberation symbolism of the date!)” – MaryAnne from

So we teamed up with a group of other amazing bloggers to help this project become a unique collection of arts and crafts that can easily be reproduced for someone facing cancer, which has been compiled into an ebook that will be available to everybody, who donates at least $15 to the American Cancer Society. Once we have received your donation, you will receive an email with the download link and on top of this you will also receive a second link where you can purchase the hardcopy version at production cost! If you donate and for some reason do not receive the email(s) or are experiencing problems with the downloads, please send a quick email to smallhandsproject at gmail dot com, so you can be helped.

Donate to the American Cancer Society We did one project but I thought we should do a second one, a little more complex for older kids. Now don’t get me wrong, younger ones can help/do this, just not as much.

I got big craft sticks (the tongue depressor size ones), some wooden shape butterflies and some homemade sidewalk chalk paint. Nico and I mixed some purple, yellow, orange and blue. Of course we also added some silver fine glitter to our paint, put a lot or it will get lost, we barely see ours. He picked the last 2 colors, although the first one we made was purple per his request :) Then I got the smaller foam brushes out and he started to paint the butterflies, first only single colors, his choice. Then I told him he could pick more than 1 color per butterfly, so he went to town and used all the colors on one butterfly, lol. Since the glitter didn’t show too much, we decided to sprinkle more on while the paint was wet. Then I got him to paint 4 sticks per frame, at first he used a stick in the paint and let the paint drip onto another stick, but it didn’t seem to work fast enough so he went back to brushes. After all was dried, the thicker paint started to crack and fall off, leaving the stick still colored. Before that continued I applied mod podge while Nico was napping. That done, I thought about doing triangular but I decided to stay more conventional and more photo shaped. I had Nico pick the 4 sticks he wanted and place them in a square (a little shape lesson there ;). Then he picked the butterfly he wanted and placed it where he wanted. Originally I thought double sided tape would hold, but it was too weak, so I switched to glue gun. In the end that didn’t hold because of the type of paint and texture. So I re-glued them with my new favorite glue, tacky glue!

Options: 1)You can also use other types of paint, we just wanted the extra fun of making our own :)
2)We also tacky glued magnets on the back to be able to use them on the fridge.

Here are the results of the 8 frames we did (click on the pic to see it bigger):

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