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Nico’s first pool experience (+ maman’s 80s swimming lesson)

Learning to kick

How did you learn to swim?

Well, I followed swimming lessons around 4-5 yo and did really well. Ok that’s only partially true,  did so well because I learned at 3 yo. How you ask, well remember this was 1980 (did I just tell you how old I am? Oh well, lol) and people were a LOT more liberal with kids and what was dangerous or not. So we were living in New-Brunswick at the time and there was a lake near by… see where I’m going with this? No? Well to the lake of course! ;) So one nice summer day my step dad says to my mother: “Lets go to the lake and teach her how to swim since she’s been asking for a while.” My mother agreed and off we were. We get there, get my swim-aid arm thingies on and my step dad picks me up and throws me in the middle of it! My mother freaks out and gives him “snickerdoodles”! He gives her his glasses (Yep he can’t see further than his nose without them!) and starts swimming to get me. I was already swimming back doggy paddle style :) so that’s how I learned 80s style, lol.

Too excited to stop jumping!

Nico learned a bit recently on a trip, at the hotel pool since we don’t have one.  I think he did really well considering it was his first and second time only in a pool. Here are some videos of how he did (those are unedited):

After Alex moved him in the water for a bit we did some fun stuff and learning too. What did he learn? Not to be afraid of falling in water, to not panic and to close his mouth/not breathe underwater :)

Here he learns to kick laying down to swim doggy paddle style.

Here he learns to get more confident about letting himself glide on the water by himself more and more (I didn’t film it that long but Alex gets further away every time).

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