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Japan – Gyoza inspired pockets

So we’ve been doing Japan this month, we’ve been looking at their dumplings and they are all either fried or steamed. We don’t want to do fried to avoid the fire hazard around Nico and we don’t have the steaming rack/basket thing-a-ma-bob.

So we did the ground beef, parsley and basil as herbs, green peppers, carrots and onions, all cut really small, no it wasn’t long and tedious, I used a chopper ;) Nico loved to put the veggies in and press the button. His favorite part was still stirring, though!

We cooked them up all together in the wok and added the teriyaki sauce after and kept it on to warm it through. I didn’t put too much, so it was just sticky, not soupy.  While that was warming up, I got the dough ready.

Pillsbury crescent rolls, tore them apart in rectangles and made sure to pinch together the dotted line that would make them a triangle so they remained rectangles. Nico came to help with that as well :) I put a generous amount of the filling inside (centered) and just pulled the dough over top, starting with the corners and folding it all how it would come without breaking. In some of them we also put some thin mozza cheese slices. We put them in the oven at 350 C for 10-15 min, just until the dough was cooked, since everything else already was.

Nico stole a bit of them before we could sit down and eat, he mostly liked the dough but he also ate some filling. It was very good and we made some the next night again.

Little tip: Do your filling so you have time to fridge it. It’s easier to put it on the dough without making the dough all mushy and very hard to move the pocket once it’s closed so you can place it on the cookie sheet.

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