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“Matching Shadows” farm game

You probably have seen the zoo bingo from The Iowa Farmer’s Wife? This is where I got my inspiration for this game. The zoo here is huge for a toddler and we never can make it around in one visit. Plus in late April it’s closed and I really wanted to try this game, so I made the game for our “local” farm/butterfly house. At first ,I wanted to do the same with the animals there, but I had a hard time finding stickers, so I turned to the internet and used shadows instead. Knowing Nico he would have looked for the exact animal otherwise, lol. I used the same grid principle and printed a sheet with the shadows on a paper and stuck it in a cut folder file, I made 2 different grids.

At the farm, I gave him a pen (the kid doesn’t like crayons) and explained he had to find each shadow at the farm/butterfly house and once he found them he had to circle them (he got some writing skills going there). This was a great recognition exercise for him, some were trickier than others but with a little help he managed to find them all, he was 32 months but he was proud of having found everything. This was a test run so I didn’t laminate it. I will print a new one and laminate it to be used over & over as we go there almost every weekend by now, heck his birthday will even be at the farm this year!

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