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Wife and husband blogging

Disclaimer: This post  is “aimed” at the unsupportive and in some cases intolerant husbands of the world, NOT at the ones that are busy behind the scenes or are being “locked out” by their blogging wives ;)
When Valerie started “Glittering Muffins”, I also wanted to help her, with the setup and then also with some content, I’ve been taking photos all along from even before Nico was born. Shortly after we were introduced to the Kid Blogger Network, which is a wonderful network of amazing blogs from virtually all over the world, which is great to discuss ideas, issues and much more and out of (at the time of writing) 272 members, guess what, I am the only male presence. Now I know that there is a bunch of single dads blogging out there, but I had no idea that it seems to be a rarity to by a husband kid blogging with his wife!

Some men seem to think that a blog about arts, crafts etc. is not much more than killing time or doing something to busy yourself, this is way more than just that. Mothers usually have a bond with their child(ren) that fathers rarely have, no matter how hard they try (of course there are exceptions), when they do something, they do it out of passion, as in this case blogging about their child(ren), the crafts and activities they do together, so basically about a good (and very important) part of their life.

I understand that in most cases the husband works full time, then spends some time with the kids before they go to bed and once they are, does, well, whatever, while the mom plops in front of the computer and writes, networks etc. whatever she did not manage during nap time (if there is one to begin with) or whatever happened after. Now I work full time as well, but seeing the passion and happiness the blog brings to my wife (well, mostly at least), why would I not join in and do the behind-the-scenes stuff and blog, network and all of the above as well? Oh, and before you wonder, I also am still playing with Nico, writing reviews for the Heavy Metal website I founded  more than 12 years ago and network for that here and there and interact with other writers for the site, so it’s not as if my life would be empty without the blog.

With the reactions I often get, how awesome it is to have a husband/wife blog team and that it is great that I am an active part of the blog as well, I wonder why it is that I am some sort of exotic anomaly in this world. Is it because husbands do not take it seriously, are not interested or view this as something that is like the modern day, digital version of the coffee party of old, so for women only? While sometimes it can turn into a chore, especially if the blog software or the computer decide to go rebel on us and try to sabotage us wherever they can, but this child is a part, a central part of my life as well and being able to share the stories, the discoveries and experiences with others that might be able to benefit from them in their lives with their own child(ren) is something that I would not want to miss and I want to be a part of and I wish that more would think the same way, because it is a great way to preserve your own memories as well and is that not worth it?

So husbands of the world, why don’t you a) take your wife’s work more seriously (since it is a work of passion mostly and sometimes the only thing that separates her from sanity and going nuts) and b) join in a little and write a guest post or support her in a different way? Yes, even if it does not bring in any money…

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4 comments to Wife and husband blogging

  • “Is it because husbands do not take it seriously, are not interested or view this as something that is like the modern day, digital version of the coffee party of old, so for women only?” you ask.

    No! Many of our husbands, mine included, is very much a behind the scenes guys. He proof reads all of my posts, boasts of my accomplishments to his colleagues, helps with technical issues, is quite a crafty and creative guy himself, and offers any other support that I may need or ask for.

    As you can read in my post about him here

    Many of the husbands behind other Mom blogs are equally as supportive as mine. Eric is a wonderful man, but this level of support is not unusual. I think of my blog as a little like my job – I hope it turn it into a job one day. I support my husband in his job in the needs that he would like, but I do not co-work with him. Just as I like to keep my blog a creative outlet for me not ‘us.’

    While I think it is wonderful that you and Valerie work together at your blog and enjoy the teamwork of it. Please don’t assume that the rest of our husbands think of our blogs as “killing time,” “busy work,” or a glorified “coffee hour.” I can assure you many do not.
    Helen recently posted..A Beginner’s Guide to FeltingMy Profile

    • Alex

      Hi Helen,

      thank you for your comment.

      I know that there are very supportive and helpful husbands out there, but unfortunately there are many that are not and my post has been directed towards them to make them see what others already do, that a blog is NOT just “killing time”, “busy work” or a glorified “coffee hour”. If any husband out there will see and realize that after my post, it already was worth writing, it was, though, never my intention to step on the toes of the ones that already are “in the know”, so to say.


  • Great post! I am blessed to have a husband who respects and appreciates what I do, and Valerie is very blessed to have you. :)
    Allison recently posted..The Sunday Showcase – Scientific ExplorationsMy Profile

  • I love how you and Valerie are such a great team. My husband is supportive, but he in no way plays a part in my blog. I don’t want him to and he doesn’t either. It’s my hobby and one of the only things I don’t have to share with anyone else. He’s a computer engineer and knows more computer code stuff than I can even imagine. But I have never asked to have him help me with my the codes for my blog and he’s never offered. I’ve really enjoyed the process of learning it on my own and he’s proud that I can. Eventhough he’s not involved in the blog, he still supportive of my accomplishments. I think it’s beyond cool that you two can share in the process together. I think that most blogging husbands are like mine and Helen’s. Supportive behind the scenes.
    Amanda @ Dirt and Boogers recently posted..Top 5 Parenting Posts and A New Party!My Profile

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