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DIY Octonauts finger puppets

DIY Octonauts finger puppets
(July 6, 2012) So for a while now, Nico has been obsessed with the Octonauts, and of course wanted to play with them. Ick, you can’t find them in stores here, so after seeing Curious George’s “Sock Monkey Opera” episode, Nico wanted puppets. I brushed it off and got him busy with something else. Ok, reading this back, it sounds very weird and incoherent, but I promise it makes sense in the end, lol. I thought I could knock off 2 birds with one stone and make him some Octonauts finger puppets!

So after he got to bed, we pulled out the felt bag and lucky enough we found all the colors to do 5 characters, Kwazii, Peso, Captain Barnacles, Dashi and Shellington. I looked at pictures online as references as to what I had to cut or draw. I glued with tacky glue and glued everything so this is a no sew project, yay! I used q-tips and toothpicks to paint the eyes, facial features and the rest. I thought about you, too, and even though the paint is free handed, no patterns, I did trace all the felt pieces so you could have a pattern for those.

They do fit adult hands so you can play along and it also makes it easier for Nico to put on by himself :)

We had laid them out on the ottoman before we went to bed so he would see them when he got downstairs in the morning. I think he was happy?! Those are the best photos of them on his hands we could get, lol.


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