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Kids on the Go! – Paradise Peninsula at Waterford Oaks, Waterford, MI

I’m back to share another great place to play!  The Paradise Peninsula playscape at Waterford Oaks County Park!  Waterford Oaks is 185 acre park with more than 3 miles of hiking trails, an amazing waterpark (I’ll have to post about that next summer!), a bicycle motorcross, tennis courts, sand volleyball, a greenhouse, a banquet facility, various picnic shelters, and a very unique playscape!

Waterford Oaks
1702 Scott Lake Rd
Waterford, MI 48328
open April 1 to October 31, sunrise to sunset

The Paradise Peninsula is a “universally-accessible playscape, which is designed after the many beautiful and unique landscapes found in Michigan – the Great Lake State.”

Little explorers can discover Michigan’s wonders and learn about the Great Lakes State through simulated rock, water and fossil features. The playscape includes: an “Up North Woods” cabin, simulated tree fort, sand dunes area, marsh challenge course with simulated cattails, raised sand play area and multiple climbing areas. Colorful rubberized surfacing depicts Michigan’s Lakes and rivers.

So, not only is it lots of fun to run around and play on, it’s a great way to learn more about unique landscape features of Michigan.  My kids love that they can literally climb the walls of the structure!  They also love all the great areas the areas to hide-away in (perfect for hide-and-seek).


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