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Time With Papa – Building A Little Swing

(April 15, 2012, 31 months old) There is a time in the life of a toddler, when just sitting on the floor on the deck is not exactly enough anymore. So it came as a very nice coincidence that a local hardware store had a really cute Hollywood swing in Nico’s size on offer, so out we went, bought it, brought it back and then, of course it was the time for the men of the house to assemble it, right?

As usual, Nico wanted to be involved with all parts of it, starting with the unpacking and unwrapping, and then seamlessly segued into assembly. Here Nico showed amazing precision and good hand-eye coordination by using the wrench to tighten screws, stuff like this is a great lesson in fine motor skills.

And does this not look cute as a button (ok, as a swing)? We even have the matching patio set with table, umbrella and two folding chairs! :)

And in case you are wondering, why we post this only now – there is half a world that has spring and summer just coming up ;)

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