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The World from A-Z

The World from A-ZWelcome to our third and newest collaborative series on Glittering Muffins: The World from A-Z.

The world is such a big and diverse place, so thought it would be great to be able to learn about the different corners of the Earth or even just your own state or province. Unfortunately you only ever hear about what is considered touristic when trying to learn about a new place, but rarely find out anything else. We think that what makes places special are the locals, so we thought what better than to ask locals what they like to do at their place.

Our series covers everything from food over festivals and activities to artists and history and more. Some things well-known and some surprising we aim at giving you a look at places beyond what you normally see and hear.

We will update this page with new parts as they go online, so you will always have all at the same place!

1) Quebec (province)


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