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Kids on the Go – Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Columbia, SC

The Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is one my son’s favorite places to visit. He loves animals, and especially enjoys the aquarium that is located in the zoo. Parking is free and they have a fairly large parking area.

General Admission:
Adults $11.75
Children (3-12 yrs. old) $9.25
Children under 2 Free
Senior Citizens (62 yrs. old and up) $10.75
Military Personnel (with military ID) $10.75

Daily park hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except for Spring/Summer they have an extended schedule through 6:00 p.m. They are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas day.

Besides having the animal exhibits they have lots of fun things for the kiddos to do. My son especially enjoys the play ground area. (He can spend hours on end there!) It has a few benches surrounding it, so the parents can sit and watch the kids.

The Kangaroo Walkabout is fun and free with admission. You walk through a path in a gated and fenced area where they have the kangaroos. It is really cool because you are walking just past the kangaroos. They are close, but you can’t touch them.

The different animal demonstrations are fun and entertaining. They have demonstrations at specific times for example; the penguin feeding at 11 a.m. or the elephant presentation at 2:30 p.m. I just love to see my son’s look of awe!

They have a barn with farm animals, where you could feed the goats (25 cents for goat food). There are other activities for kids, but you have to pay. Our favorite is feeding the lorikeets with a cup of nectar for $2, or a ride on the carousel or train for $2 each ride, and riding the pony for $5.

For the older crowd they have a rock climbing wall for $3 a climb, or 2 climbs for $5; and the Sky-High Safari (It’s a vertical ropes challenge) for $7 climb ($5 climb for members).

During summer they have gigantic fans with water mist blowing throughout the zoo to help keep the guests cool. There are two large restrooms close to the entrance, and several smaller ones throughout the zoo.

The zoo also has a beautiful and huge botanical garden. Exotic plants, fruit and vegetable plants. To get to the garden I would suggest using the tram (it’s free) and it runs every 15 mins. Now if you’re up for a good walk and hike you sure can! The botanical gardens are located on top of a hill, and it’s quite a walk! My son is still too young, so the tram ride it is.

They also have a picnic area that is located on the west end parking area of the zoo with tables and trash facilities. The only down side is that they don’t have any restrooms in the picnic area.

The zoo does not allow food, drinks or coolers. However, I have to say we’ve been there a few times this year (thanks to the family membership); and I have seen plenty of families sit in the benches, and table areas sitting down and opening back packs of sandwiches, snacks, and juices/water for their families.  The zoo has small kiosks that sell drinks, snacks, ice cream, and small meals. Price ranges from $3 – $8. They have 2 large restrooms (very nice and clean) coming in through the main entrance, and a few others located through out the zoo.

As I mentioned in the beginning of my post, this is my son’s favorite place to visit, and it’s also ours. Every time we have family or friends come visit us, we take them to the zoo.

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