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DIY cone advent calendar

Last year, pre-blog era (explains lack of pics), we needed a specific calendar size for Nico since we were putting letters we made in them, so we made it. Since you need to do this 24 times I didn’t want it to be hard or long to do, had to be doable in an hour max with the two of us (Alex and I). So I got the different rolls of Christmas paper we accumulated over the years and we cut a few different sizes of rectangles that we rolled into cones. Once we tried the letters and found the size we needed we cut 23 more and we got coning, lol. We used tape to hold them together. The cones had little pointy tips on the bigger open end, we just used scissors and cut them to have a straight cone. We used simple white little rectangular labels, wrote the numbers on them and stuck them to the cones. We had made a pattern since we used different papers, not that he noticed but we knew ;) Then I got a ribbon, we did rows holding it with pushed pins on the only available surface we had, the bathroom door.

We used tiny decorative clothespins from the dollar store to hold them to the ribbon. We wrapped the letters in little squares of tissue paper and we were done. Simple as it can be and you decide the size, according to what you need :)


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