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Cinnamon Christmas ornaments

On November 16, 2012, I saw this post on the Katey Elliott blog about lovely Christmas ornaments that my mother put on my Facebook wall (Thanks mom!). Since we are going with a rustic look this year, I thought these would just fit so well with our ornaments and Nico could actually have something he made in the Christmas tree this year, since he had done all the ornaments last year, I thought he should participate this year again. I loved looking at his ornaments so much last year that I framed them!

So we got the supplies, looked through ALL our cookie cutters (around 125 of them) and…

…we got measuring and mixing.

The only difference to the original recipe is that our cinnamon seemed to have been drier than hers, so we used one additional table spoon of apple sauce to make the “dough” a bit wetter, less crumbly.

1) Trying to make a ball, you really need to squish it  together. It’s not like play dough, it’s more like ginger bread dough.
2) Rolling the dough, you can roll it, often, the more you roll it the better it seems to stick together.
3) Stegosaurus was the first.
4) You definitely need a shark pizza cutter wheel (plastic) to take off the excess dough after rolling it with your crocodile rolling pin ;)

He decided which cookie cutter to go with and it was not surprising that the first two were dinosaurs, lol.

1) Glittering away!
2) Cookie cuttering
3) That’s how much we made with one batch of her recipe.
4) That’s how much was left of it. (I put it in a ziploc type baggy and used it the following weekend)

When we had about a third of the dough left, I decided to glitterize things and Nico got really excited to add some glitter. It’s been a while since we had worked with glitter, because Nico was on a big “NO” kick when it came to crafts. So we took our shakers (purple, green, red, white and silver) and he just went crazy with them. I mixed the “dough” and we did some more shapes that we thought would work well with glitter. This way you can add a little whimsy without any of the smell being removed.

Don’t forget to make a hole to hang your ornaments before they dry!!! We used a straw. The house smelled like cinnamon like you would not believe, but it is such a nice smell that it did not matter. We put them in the oven for a bit, like the original recipe said. Our oven being crazy (too hot), we decided to let them finish drying on their own.You can see the edges are not perfect but you can rub/crumb it off with your thumb once they are dry.

We did a second batch the following weekend and this time he wanted glitter right away! So our second batch was all glittery. Once all dry, I used a two tone red (1 regular, 1 metallic) crocheting string that I cut to the length I needed and just put them through the holes and made a knot using both ends at once. This is a good gift for people who don’t like glitter, because even after handling about 25 of them with glitter, I still did not have any glitter on my hands, so if your kids like giving gifts with glitter to people who don’t like it, this is a good one!

We also gave some away as gift tag, see here.

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