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Christmas sensory bin (small things)

(Nov 27, 2012) I knew I wanted to make him a Christmas sensory bin, maybe two, we’ll see ;)
So for this one we put together small Christmas themed things over white rice and silver glitter. Here is what we put in there: Small bells (so small the rice won’t get in), small ornaments, small silver balls, small jewel stars, red berries on a branch, blue clear plastic snowflakes, Christmas pompoms, glittery foam shapes (santas, trees, gifts), a few pine cones. We also put a hollow plastic tube candy cane (round things) and a gift card box (flat things), for putting things in it.

First thing he did was get a measuring spoon (I got the tongs and pot). He started pouring the rice in the cane right away and totally ignored the rest. Once full, took a while to fill with that little spoon, he poured it in his pot, of course, to make Christmas soup. He added a little bit of snowball pompoms with the tongs and to the stove it went to cook it.

While that cooked, he put some pompoms in the tube of the candy cane with his tongs, he’d put the tongs in the tube making sure the pompom didn’t fall outside of it but it also would squeeze the tongs so it would stay in the tongs as he pulled them out, that took a while for him to figure out. We even sequenced them as he put them in. We also did a cane with the silver balls and the bells to make music.

After that I lost him, he was done with it, oh well I tried ;)

Warning: This is NOT a bin for babies or toddlers that put things in their mouth! Those are a CHOKING HAZARDS! Nico doesn’t put things in his mouth and I always supervise him closely.

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