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Paper plate Christmas wreath

Paper plate Christmas wreathfinished (Dec 13, 2012) I cut out plates (little ones) to make snowman snow globes the other day and I cut two extra to make Christmas ball snow globes but as you can read from the title, they didn’t turn out that way, lol. Nico kept asking to do them at the worst times possible, like when I was eating but he was done, before nap/bed time or on our way out the door. Finally this morning we did them!

Paper plate Christmas wreath - makingI had him paint on mod podge (but white glue would work too), then I had him pick squares of red or green tissue paper and stick them on. Then together we applied mod podge on the papers to make sure they’d stay on. As we did that I saw some glitter I hadn’t put away yet and asked him if he wanted to sprinkle it on the wet mod podge we just put on and I got a big OOOUUUIII ! (yyyeeesss) So we used white, green and red loose glitter, he called the white one snow :)

While that dried and he napped I was thinking about what to put on to decorate more and came up with pipe cleaner candy canes. I bought these pre-twisted pipe cleaners last year to do in the tree but we ran out of space. They were perfect, I just bent it over my finger cut to length and done. I did 3 candy canes per pipe cleaner, 3 red/white, 3 green/white. After he got up I showed him real ones and asked him to take the pipe cleaner ones to decorate. First, I asked him to point out where the top of the wreath was and he punched a hole so we could put a ribbon to hang them later.

Paper plate Christmas wreath - finishingFor the candy canes at first he stuck them all together then I explained that it should cover as much space as possible so we could see them well. So with the help of his locomotive James, he rearranged them and we glued them (I used tacky glue). To his horror at first he refused to touch the glue, but I assured him it was washable and he was hesitant at first but ok in the end and had fun peeling it. Weird for my touchy feely boy, but I guess it was not a touchy feely glue kind of day. He threaded the ribbon like a pro in the holes, I did a knot (both ends together) and we were done.

Don’t tell them, but the one with green candy canes is for Oma and the one with red ones is for Peter (who he refuses to call Opa). They are coming to visit on the 19th from Germany so we made a little something for them. (I bet they’re gonna love the glitter all over the suitcase, sorry but he loves it, lol. I’ll give them sealable baggies no worries :) )


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