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Snowman waterless snowglobe

Snowman waterless snowglobe - finished(Dec 7, 2012) I wanted to make more snowglobes with him, since he liked making the Valentine’s Day one. I didn’t want to make Santas, too many details, too much work for him right now, he’s not into crafts so much, he finds it too hard (he’s much into playing right now). So I decided to go with snowmen, since the plates are already white, all he had to do was paint a toque (knitted wool hat) and do some facial features and he’d be done.

So I took small paper plates (since we made two snowmen, everything is for two), cut out the natural center of them (there is a line there already, I just followed that). I used an exacto knife, so I would not break the circle and I could use it for something else later. I used one half of a resealable bag that I glued (tacky glue) to the edge of the hole on the inside and I cut off the extra plastic, the bags we use don’t have any logo or brand names on them, so I could use one bag for both snowmen. Then I cut one extra plate like that and cut it in half to make the toques.

Snowman waterless snowglobe - painting & fillingIn the morning, I had him paint the toque, he picked the color, to which we added glitter but it does show (not enough) and I had to hold it while he painted it, so in the end he wouldn’t get any on his fingers, but it was fun to paint m fingers blue. During nap time they were dry, so I glued them onto the snowman head. I also took the full plate for the backing of the snowmen, filled it with fake snow and, to match his toque, blue glitter and glued the front of the snowman head onto the backing with tacky glue, so it would all be dry when he got up from his nap.

When he got up and first saw them, he liked shaking them. After that he chose pompoms to go on top of the toque (you HAVE to have a pompom, if you wear a toque) which we glued at the end.

Snowman waterless snowglobe - adding eyesFirst he glued the googly eyes…

Snowman waterless snowglobe - finishing up…and I traced glue shapes on the face for him for the nose and the mouth. I asked him which one he wanted for the nose first, he wanted round for one and a carrot for the other, I gave him orange glitter and he glittered away. We shook off the excess and I asked him, which shape the mouth should have and he answered with “a smile”, which I did with the glue again. I asked him which color he would want for the mouth, red or black and he chose black, again we glittered and shook off the excess and he then decided to glue his pompoms.

Snowman waterless snowglobe - finishedAnd we were done!

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