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Egg carton Christmas tree ornament

I was clearing the recycling stuff I have kept for crafting the other day and I had a bunch of egg cartons, I thought ok, I’ll get rid of them, we won’t make anything with them, but I felt sad to throw them out and decided to think for a few days until the recycling truck passed, if I had not found an idea they would have gone out, but I did find an idea! Our tree was meant to be rustic this year but I still wanted him to participate in the decorations. So I figured egg carton decorations could work, it’s nothing fancy and fairly rustic. So here is what I came up with: I cut 4 cups per tree, I rounded mine up kind like 4 petals per cup, since the cup already had 2 each. If your egg carton is shape straight, you’ll save yourself some extra scissor work.

Nico painted 3 of them then quit on us saying it was too long, his crafting (or anything not playing for the last few months) attention span has been really short so I’m happy he applied himself really good for the 3 he did. After they dried, I poked a hole through the top of each of them and passed a pipe cleaner which I had folded the end of to prevent it passing through again and with the top part I cut a little off to the length I needed and made a hoop to hang in the Christmas tree.

Decorations can be anything small with glue (I used tacky glue), like pompoms, buttons, glitter, beads and so on, but I have tons (I mean tons!) of Christmas shaped confetti which to Nico is as good as glitter. In the end we picked the shapes of candy canes, bells and snowflakes. I also glued a big star at the top of the tree on each side of the pipe cleaner to create the tree topper.

You could also skip the hook and use them as table/shelving decorations.

Here is a done one :)

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