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Date night 2 in 1 (no babysitter needed)

I was challenged by Mari at Inspired by Family Magazine to come up with a date night post for readers that are busy but still want time with the hubby and with Valentines Day coming and everyone needing more ideas (I’ll be reading the other blogs to get more ideas for the future too!) it was a great idea I couldn’t refuse.

Date night 2 in 1 - Family partSince I was challenged, we’ve all been sick and now our babysitter (my mom) is sick, so we had to get creative and very last minute with this one. So this past Sunday, we went to the restaurant but brought Nico, so we had a little family dinner date. Nico tried a “chicken only” gyros and we both had chicken gyros with hot sauce instead of the traditional sauce. A side of rice pilaf and the fries were Nico’s. We are trying to make better healthy choices. He doesn’t get the concept yet but he’s happy to go since we normally order in. Now you’re thinking what about the couple date part?

Date night 2 in 1 - Couple partWell, after bed time we pulled out the board games, for older kids, like Cartagena and Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers, that we put away when Nico was born and never played again, being too busy with life. We played the whole evening, totally unplugged and in our pyjamas. Nico did interrupt at the beginning since he’s in a “I don’t wanna sleep” phase. He also wasn’t happy we were playing a game without him, but still he did go back to bed eventually thanks to grandma :)

You’re probably thinking not much of a date but to us it was a nice change of the usual evening, blogging/tv watching or doing house stuff. I also thought this could work for pretty much anyone since you don’t need a babysitter :) It’s about doing something different for one night/a few hours and we did. We didn’t spend tons of money for it either, so bonus! :)

You can also order in and set a nice table for you and hubby and one in the living room for the kiddos for dinner. Instead of board games you could always play with “the kids” video games.

If you are looking for a more romantic/fancy idea you can see what I did for the hubby last year for Valentines day.

This post is part of a fabulous blog hop called “14 Days of Busy Mamas Dating their Husbands – Ideas, Activities & Traditions”, where we join 19 other bloggers and their ideas and much more:

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