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Kindness starts at home (Grandma)

Pistachio fudgeLast year we participated in the 2nd Annual 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge from Toddler Approved so when it came around again this year, we said yes of course! The 2013 edition of the 100 Acts of Kindness started out on January 21 and runs through to Valentine’s Day, so hop over and see all the details!

A few things worked against us since the challenge was issued, we all got the flu one after the other lasted about 4 weeks, then we had a cold snap (-39C/-38F) for a few days making it dangerous for Nico sensitive skin to go out. I struggled to find an idea that didn’t need us to go out, the ladies in the KBN reminded me I could do/cook/bake something at home to give a neighbour. I thought why not my mother? She lives downstairs and was a savior while we were all sick. Of course, we said thank you countless times but we didn’t do anything special. A while back, she sent me a recipe for pistachio fudge, so I thought that could be our act of kindness.

Pistachio fudge - resto deliveryWe also asked her on Friday what she would like to eat from any restaurant and we ordered in, Nico did the delivery.

Pistachio fudge - makingOn Sunday morning we made the fudge following this recipe. Nico helped with every aspects as usual however the mixing got a little to hard and…

Pistachio fudge - Pistachio shelling…he moved on to the pistachio un-shelling. At that point grandma came up and help unknowingly make her own surprise, lol. Nico had a few issues and got creative ;)

Pistachio fudge - cut, pile, deliverWe left it in the fridge until monday night, due to a lack of time, after dinner Nico helped me cut it and stack it in a plate. Right after we finished and I told him what to say while giving the plate, grandma came up, talk about timing! I had her sit and close her eyes, I helped Nico bring the plate over as it was very heavy! He said the whole sentence (longest he’s said) twice has she didn’t even hear it the first time around she was so surprise, lol.
Pistachio fudge


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