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Valentine’s Day cupcake toppers

Valentines Day cupcake toppers

(Made Jan 7, 2012)  I was looking for an easy craft Nico could do with glitter for Valentine’s Day, since he loves muffins so much, I came up with easy to make toppers.

Valentines Day cupcake toppers - heart confettiWhile I got the material, he decided to pour out the heart confetti and put them back into little containers.

Valentines Day cupcake toppers - makingAll I needed for this one was two sizes of self-sticking hearts (one is felt, one is foam in my case, it doesn’t matter either way) and toothpicks. I took a toothpick and put it about halfway up the biggest heart (on the sticky side, of course) and the smaller heart on top of that, so it would cover the toothpick end I had just stuck on the other heart (bottom tip together). Then I gave the glitter shaker to Nico and told him to shake away, after I just shook off the excess glitter. He also helped a bit with placing the toothpick and placing the small hearts on a few of them, but it was a little difficult for him to aim properly (he was 28 months), his favourite part was the glitter.

And that was it, it was that simple!

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