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Kid painted chairs

Kid painted chairs - pirate themed(Jan. 23, 2012) I bought little wood chairs a long time ago (pre Nico) at a thrift shop, I knew I’d have kids and wanted good old solid wood furniture. So now years later, Nico was using them in their used white paint. One day, I asked him if he wanted to paint them, he was very excited, so I promised to sand them a bit (just to rough them up) and we’d paint them. So the next morning, he chose the colors out of the acrylics craft paints I have. I poured them in little bowls, gave him a big craft paint brush and let him go.

Kid painted chairs - Nico paintingAt the moment of painting, he said he wanted to make his chair Bucky, the pirate ship of Jake in “Jake and the Never Land Pirates”. So that’s why he picked brown, but he also likes brown. He painted in a few different sessions in the morning and in the afternoon,  he did the second coat the next day. In the mean time I was painting the second chair at his request. He chose all the colors and told me where to put them one by one.

To spruce them up a little more, he chose some stamps for me to print on his chairs, his pirate themed where he told me what color and where to put each stamp.

Kid painted chairs - vehicle themedThe one I did was vehicle themed per his request but for mine I surprised him with it by doing it during nap time. I varnished everything with a water based cleared glossy varnish found at Michaels in the craft paint section, that doesn’t smell. We (Alex helped me out in the evening) put two coats to be safe and made sure we didn’t miss a spot.

So what do you think? Like them? Would you let your kids do it?

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